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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids make a phenomenal impact in your ability to hear! In any environment, they significantly improve your quality of life. 

Your consultation with our team will guide you to the perfect device, optimizing your communication and ideally fitting your lifestyle.

Why Us?

We are passionate and dedicated to helping you! Our full-service approach focuses on you, your communication needs and active lifestyle.

We offer a diverse portfolio of hearing products, including the latest technologies and OTC-comparable hearing aids. We will customize your hearing devices to your unique environmental needs.

Hearing Aid Styles


100% invisible extended wear device, worn in the ear canal 24/7 and replaced every 2-4 months.

IIC: Invisible in-the-canal

The smallest custom style that sits past the second bend of the ear canal.

CIC: Completely in-the-canal

A small custom style that fits entirely within the ear canal.

ITC: (In the canal)

A small custom style that fits in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl.

ITE: (In the ear)

A full shell custom aid that sits flush with the outer ear bowl.

RIC (Receiver in canal)

A small, discreet, extremely popular, and easy to fit style. Perfect for the first time user.

My provider was outstanding! She was very thorough, answered all my questions clearly and is very pleasant to work with. Since this was the first time I was exploring getting a hearing aid, it was especially important to me to totally understand the process, expectations, etc. My provider did all of that!

—Gale H.